Mandate and Development

The Early Modern Italian Martial Arts Database (EMIMAD) is a database of Italian martial art literature from 1400 to 1800.  It covers literature published in Italy, in Italian, or by members of the Italian diaspora.  It is a resource meant for book historians, art historians, librarians, and for practitioners of the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

The database is an ongoing project, and, will develop in a series of phases.

Phase I – Catalogue and organization of digital sources.  This includes bibliographic references and listing the institutions from which each digital edition originated.

Phase II – Development of a complete bibliography of all sources, both digital and analogue.

Phase III – Making a complete catalogue of locations of all digital and analogue editions of the editions identified in Phase I and II.

Phase IV – Biographical essays of persons involved in the production of Italian Martial Arts Literature.

Phase V – Compiling all available transcriptions and translations of works.

Phase VI – Compilation of Secondary Sources, both literary and interdisciplinary.