The Webpage Begins

So this will be a bumpy road, my first webpage ever.  I will be using the blog for the first little bit to explain my design choices and to take feedback.  So please give commentary, I will try to make the changes suggested or try to explain why I am unable to.

So what have I done to prompt this post.  I discovered in my travels that we have a total of six primary links on the main menu (the one right under the illustration on any given page, and one must by for the Home and another for the Blog.  I cannot undo these.  Which is also my thinking about the blog, if I cannot delete, I might as well use it.

As a result, I have moved a series of the things I was trying to make menu items.  We now have a category called “Resources.”  Resources includes “Documents,” “Links,” and  “Equipment.”

So, in terms of future development of this page I have two things to share.

  1.  I am looking for any jpg images that can be used on the site.  Either of what we have been doing in the Salle, or, if people are so inclined troll through pdfs of Italian fencing manuals and snaking the jpgs.
  2. If anyone wants to participate in the webpage design I can make you a member of the project if you want to be proactive.

If you are will to throw some time in on either, fire me a message

So there it is, my first webpage and my first blog post.